Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Double Exposures: Hands

Alrighty here is the final part of my darkroom project from last semester (here's parts one and two if you're interested). These four pictures are a mini extension of my project, where I tried to communicate emotions through body language. Since these images were some of the last ones I shot, I wasn't sure where I was headed with this theme, but I think that some of them are the most meaningful of the bunch as a whole. With shooting this project I never knew what would come out of the roll, either I wasn't sure if the film would align or the two images would blend well together, I think these images feature the surprises I received when I developed the rolls.

While I was looking at my contact sheet I discovered that these two images formed a diptych of two hands growing out of a barrier. So this double exposure actually consists of four images. I really love how this image turned out, how the arms are extending out of each other and how every time I look at it I'm forced to think about what it could mean. 

This is an instance in which the film didn't align as I shot it through the second time. With this image I like that the hand over the tree is barely visible and that the hand grows from the tree. I once heard somebody say that they are a tree, meaning they are growing inwards and outwards, and I think that description summarizes what this photo means to me. And heres a fun fact about this image: the hand and the tree required different exposure times (6 seconds and 12 seconds respectively), and you can tell how unsteady hands through the black line from trying to dodge the hand... working in a darkroom is hard (but it's worth it!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Double Exposures: People

Here is the second part of my project of double exposures. I decided to call this group of photographs  "people" because although this section and the previous section are portraits, I feel that these portraits arenot about isolating emotions and are about an individuals interactions with their emotions and the outside world. About half way through my project, my instructor wanted me to expand on my portraits and not focus solely on using silhouettes. One of her comments on the previous group of pictures was that they became too repetitive and although I loved the concept, I agreed and with these I didn't try to replicate anything I'd seen on the internet with double exposures and did things more for fun.

I've got one more section of double exposures left to share (it's a small study on hands) and it should be up within the next week or so! - Jessica