Sunday, April 17, 2016

Finding Time To Read

When I transferred schools this semester I honestly thought that I wouldn't have any time to read. Although I'm dealing with more schoolwork I have had plenty of time to read, and I've been reading at the same pace I was last year when I was only going to school and working part time. So I decided to put together some tips that I use for finding time to read and also reading more books.

1. Always carry a book with you.
I always make sure to bring a book with me to school or download an ebook to read from the library. That way I know I have the option to read during the day when I have some spare moments, when I have some time in between classes or when I'm on break at work. This way I'll know that if I'm not being the most productive with my time, I can just open up a book.

2. Designate certain times to read during your day.
For me this is usually at the end of the day, right before I go do bed. Sometimes I can get a lot of reading done (and loose track of time so that I'm reading at like 2am) and other days I read like 15 pages before I fall asleep. Some people read in the mornings, but whichever time works for you.

3. Ebooks and Audiobooks. 
Overdrive is one of my absolute most used apps on my phone, it's an app that allows you to check out ebooks and audiobooks from your local library. Most of the time I don't want to carry a physical book with me but I always have my phone of me. Sometimes I will download the physical book that I'm reading or a completely different book. I'v also started to get into audiobooks during my commute. The trick to reading more with audiobooks is to set them faster, I usually set my speed at 1.5x.

4. Read multiple books at once.
I know this tip isn't for everybody, but I have found that I can get more reading done if I'm reading multiple books. I usually have different formats, like right now I'm reading Ruin and Rising for my physical book, The Book Theif on audio, and Persuasion on ebook.

So those are my tips to reading more on a busy schedule. I hope some of these help you guys and if you have any tips please let me know! - Jessica

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