Monday, May 13, 2013

orchestral (part 2)

Hello again! I've been meaning to make this post for a week now but I've been swamped with AP tests and prom. So here is what happened at my last orchestra banquet: the officers decided on a birthday theme, because who doesn't love birthday parties.

Our decorations consisted of balloons, party hats, signs, and a pinata (that we unfortunately didn't have anywhere to hang, so we are saving it.)

I might have have gone a little overboard with photographing the decorations...

The officers unfortunately had to count 120-something ballots for superlatives (I got out of that because I had to do a ton of work on the slideshow...) But the awards were so much fun and entertaining. My favorite award was "Most Likely to Survive Fear Factor," the unlucky winners award were to eat all of the gummy worms out of pie tins filled with pudding without their hands. Unfortunately, our director wouldn't allow that because apparently it's too messy.

There was also karaoke and dancing. It's always fun to watch a bunch of musicians try and dance and sing. 

Overall the banquet was a blast and I'm truly going to miss orchestra next year.

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