Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Instax Diary

Almost two years ago I bought my first instant camera (a Fuji Instax 210) and last year I contributed to the Lomography Kickstarter for the Lomo'Instant. Although the settings and focusing can irk me at times, I really love both cameras. I lean more towards the wide format of the Instax 210, but even though I haven't worked with it as much I prefer the Lomo'Instant, because it allows for more manual controls and it can double expose! The other day I finally scanned two years worth of photos so here is the first of what I'm hoping many posts of my instax shots.

The above two photos are both of a chain fence, the first one I didn't choose the correct focus setting and the second I accidentally triggered the flash. When I shoot film I form a really strong idea of what each shot will come out, and I really love these two photos because they turned out nothing like I thought they would. 


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