Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New York State of Mind (2/2)

Here is the second part of photos from my trip to New York! As I mentioned in the first post, a majority of the photos I took were on my phone. I specifically brought an empty 16gb sd card with me thinking I would shoot at least half of it, and I ended up taking about 70 photos. Even though I didn't take as many pictures as I originally wanted, I really like the ones that I got with my camera and my phone.  


1. I went to the Disney Store in Time Square, and I'm kind of obsessed with this lantern display from Tangled.

2. This is one of the lions outside The New York Public Library. // 3. And here's some pretty flowers at Bryant Park. 

4 & 5. Both of these shots are from Washington Square Park. Total we ended up visiting four parks!

6 & 7. Here's two of the pictures I got after seeing Hedwig and going to stage door. The Belasco Theater is so pretty all lit up, and I really enjoyed getting to meet Darren again. 

Annnddd those are all of the pictures I have to share from my New York trip. I love being in the city so much and I hope I have a chance to go back soon. - Jessica

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