Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Snapshots

1. I got these earrings and I feel like a woodland fairy every time I wear them. // 2. My new nightstand and the huge pile of books next to my bed. Getting new bookshelves is high on my list of things to do because those books need a proper home. 

3. I've been waiting ages for the Harry Potter Funko Pop collection and I've slowly been collecting all nine of them. This is my current collection and the rest are currently in the mail. These are going to look so good on my bookshelf, when I finally get my new ones...

4. My sisters and I went to Town Lake the other day to see if our dogs would swim. McCoy wouldn't go anywhere near the water but I was able to get some good shots of him. // 5. A random photograph that I got while at the lake, and I really love how it came out. 

6 & 7. A breakfast crepe from La Madeline and Butterbeer ice creme from Austin Scoops. Both of them were so good. 

8. I caved and got tickets to see Penatonix and Kelly Clarkson last night. Pentatonix was amazing as always, and I will see them every single time they come to town. Kelly Clarkson sounded so good as well, she was hilarious and adorable the whole show. Her album Breakaway was actually the first album I ever bought so getting to see her live was pretty much a dream come true. 
- Jessica

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