Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Instax Diaries #4

Lately I've been taking classes at this really old campus downtown. On my first day there I passed the window shown above and I instantly wanted to try and capture it on film. I love taking pictures of window and vines so when I stumbled across this wall, I knew that this was a perfect place to take pictures. One day I'd love to try and have a shoot here but for now I extremely satisfied with how these photos came out. 

I decided to show the last two photos because they reflected my trial and errors trying to get the right exposure. The first one is a little overexposed, while the second one is extremely underexposed. For all these photos I used my Lomo'Instant, and I think since I've been using this camera for a while I gotten used to working with the settings. I still like having the safety net of using my digital camera, and having a built in light meter and being able to frame images that way that I want. But for the first three photos I really paid attention to the lighting and framing and I remember being elated as I watched them develop. - Jessica 

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