Saturday, February 27, 2016

February Snapshots

I know I said that last month was a busy month but this month has been crazy busy for me. I've had 3 tests and a paper due all within the last two weeks, being a full time student is no joke guys. I really didn't mean to but I put my blog on the back burner but with spring break coming up I really hope to catch up on my weekly blogging. February wasn't completely busy, I did manage to do a have a life outside school and work. Here's some of the more entertaining things I did this month:

1 & 2. I met Grace Helbig at her book signing for Grace & Style! I've been a pretty big fan of Grace's for a while and I finally got to meet her! She was so nice and I'm looking forward to reading her book soon.

3. Amy's hot chocolate! It tastes so good and the Mexican vanilla marshmallows are my favorite. // 4. First time getting Moojo! This ice cream sandwich tasted so good, and my friend and I sat on swings in the restaurant while we ate! 

5. So BookOutlet had the Mortal Instruments series and the Infernal Devices trilogy, both by Cassandra Clare, in the pretty new covers so I splurged and got them all. I've been making my way through these books, pretty much everyone I've seen on booktube loves these books so I decided to finally read them. 

6. Added these cuties to my bookmark collection because I'm obsessed with Happy Hello Art on Etsy. I got the Queen of Shadows version of Celaena, because I use my Throne of Glass version of her so much, and I also got all the Anna and the French Kiss sets and the Fangirl set. I now own 23 bookmarks from that shop and it is a bit of a problem because I can never choose which bookmark to use... - Jessica

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