Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June Snapshots

1. I once again expanded my collection of Happy Hello bookmarks. I added Percy and Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series/Heroes of Olympus series, a corgi, and Simon and Baz from Carry On. // 2. This is quite possibly my favorite first chapter sentence ever, from chapter 8 of The Son of Neptune. // 3. It's kind of obvious that The Heroes of Olympus series took over my life this month. While reading The Blood of Olympus, I came across a scene where Percy was eating blue pancakes and I was really inspired to make blue, blueberry waffles. 

4. USA vs Argentina. My mom bought tickets for the semifinal COPA America game several months ago, and my family was hoping that we would either see the USA or Argentina and we lucked out and got to see both! We were rooting for the USA but even though they lost we still had a good time, and it was really cool to see the number one team in the world right now. 

5. I finally had time to spin my Hamilton soundtrack! After watching the Tony Awards earlier this month, I've been listening to broadway recordings a lot. 

6 & 7. Summer refreshments: Starbucks Granitas & watermelon snow cone. - Jessica

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