Monday, September 12, 2016


My family and I took a road trip to New Orleans during the long weekend. It was a really short trip but we managed to do quite a bit. This was my second time going to New Orleans, I first went five years ago and we only got to spend a couple of hours in the city. This time around I was really excited to eat as much cajun food as possible and I was also really excited to catch some new Pokemon (my obsession with this game is still going strong). I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked too, but I did manage to capture my favorite spots that we went to. It was supposed to rain all weekend and I was too scared to risk getting my camera wet (when in reality, it didn't even rain that much). But anyways, here are some of the pictures I got:

2. The sunset from our first night. I took this right after dinner, and somehow during the whole trip I forgot to take pictures of any of the food I ate...

3-6. We took a streetcar to Audubon Park on Sunday and it was my favorite place that we went to all weekend. The park is so beautiful and it did help a little that there was a squirtle spawn there. 

7. On our last night, we went to Frenchman Street. This was my second favorite place we went to and I prefer it over Bourbon Street. 

So that was a summary of my quick trip to New Orleans. I'm still daydreaming about all the good food I ate while I was there, another one of my favorite parts of our trip. It was really nice to take a quick vacation and not worry about school or work while I was there. - Jessica

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