Thursday, December 29, 2016

December Snapshots

I usually only share one snapshots post per month, but with the holidays and everything else, I've taken so many photos that I thought I would divide it up into two different posts.

1. I've been buying a lot more books than usual lately and my bookshelves have been in a really big disarray. With school done for the semester, I finally had time to rearrange everything and I spent almost a whole day getting it to my liking.

2. I've been wanting to get an eReader for a while now, especially since I like to check out ebooks from the library and so I decided to get the Kindle Paperwhite while it was on sale during Black Friday. // 3. I've also been buying a lot of vinyl lately and I was so happy when my limited edition vinyl of KAYE's Honey came in the mail.

4. I finally tried Voodoo Doughnuts. Their doughnuts are really good, but I'm a little biased towards Gourdough's

5. I'm still obsessed with Fantastic Beasts! I saw it for a fourth time and I've added another Newt to my Funko collection and I jumped at getting these bookmarks from Happy Hello Art. // 6. I've also slowly been adding the new wave of Harry Potter Funkos to my collection. Harry and Ron in their Weasley sweaters are definitely some of my faves yet. // 7. I've somehow got through loving Harry Potter all these years and never had a Harry Potter ornament for my family's christmas tree until now.

8. And now for the real reason why I decided to make a second snapshots post this month. For Christmas this year, my family got me a corgi puppy! His name is Fawkes and he's a lot to handle but I'm obsessed with him. - Jessica 

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