Thursday, September 10, 2015

McCoy and Hazel's Trip to the Lake

Last month my sisters and I took McCoy and Hazel to the dog part of Town Lake. The area is an off leash park and there's a spot for dogs to jump in the water and swim. We went before sunset on a Wednesday night and there was plenty of dogs for McCoy and Hazel to play with. This was the first time we took Hazel swimming and I think she enjoyed it. Although next time we'll probably get her a life jacket because her head was barely peeking out of the water. McCoy on the other hand absolutely hates the water and wouldn't go within three feet of the lake. I had previously shared a little bit about this in my August Snapshots post, but I wanted to share more photos from that day.

Although he wouldn't get in the water he had no trouble posing in front of it. McCoy isn't a huge fan of getting his photo taken so I was so happy that he wanted to sit and pose here.

Look at her face peeking out of the water! 

For more of McCoy and Hazel's adventures visit the dog blog I have for them here! - Jessica

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