Saturday, November 14, 2015


Since around April of this year, I've been talking a lot about getting new bookshelves. I had dreams of tall white bookshelves and I would start planning on how I would arrange them. And this week, I finally had the chance to go to Ikea and get them. I got two Billy units, a wide and a skinny one. I managed to avoid a major mishaps while building them and only walked away with a couple of small cuts, so overall they were pretty easy to build. I really love how they ended up turning out, and the fact that I don't have to look at the huge stack of books that were piling up to my waist anymore.

Obviously the first thing that I had to put up on the shelves were my Harry Potter books. And because they're my favorite books, and because I own multiple copies of each book they got there own shelf. They shelf next to it houses my Harry Potter with the Gryffindor sword, my overflow J.K. Rowling/Harry Potter books, and also my two Jane Austen. I've been eyeing the Vintage Classic editions of Jane Austen's books, and I've slowly been adding two my collection, so far I have Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility.

My Sarah J. Maas books also got there own shelf and I'm a little obsessed with how perfect they all fit on the shelf. And I know that eventually they won't all fit perfectly on this shelf for long because she's not done writing either series, but for now I'm in love with it. 

The shelf directly underneath my Harry Potter books houses my favorite YA Contemporaries and I love how colorful and pretty this shelf is.

And that's a brief overview of my new bookshelves. Eventually I want to do a tour of my bookshelves, once I find a way to organize them a bit more. These shelves are brand new and they're already almost full, I know eventually I'm going to need another shelf because I can't stop buying more books. - Jessica

EDIT: Check out my updated bookshelves here!

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