Monday, November 30, 2015

November Snapshots

1 & 2. I really love the new trend of adult coloring books and I also love that Scholastics jumped on the wagon is releasing Harry Potter coloring books. I've only managed to work on two so far, a lot of the designs look hard but they're really pretty and I can't wait to do all of them. 

3. My car loaded up after my trip to Ikea! 4. And my bookshelves! I previously posted them early this month, but I love them so much and I wanted to share them again.  

5. I obviously had to get the vinyl edition of Pentatonix's new album to complete my collection. I am aware that I have an obsession with them...

6. And these are the newest editions to my bookmark collection. They're all from Happy Hello Art on Etsy and I've purchased from that shop several times and I've loved everything I've received. I'm especially in love with Luna and Dorian, I've been getting a lot of uses out of them. - Jessica

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