Friday, July 29, 2016

Bookshelves (Part II)

I briefly shared last week a photo of my new bookshelves, they've evolved a little since I first got them and today I'm going to share how they now look. A little over two weeks ago, my family went to Ikea to get some stuff for my little brother's dorm and while we were there I couldn't stop myself from getting new bookshelves. I got two more Billy bookcases, one skinny and one wide, to match the two that I got last year. If you're curious, here's what my shelves used to look like, and it was a good amount of space at first, but because of my book buying problem I needed a place to house the growing pile of books that were amassing all over my room. So I now have almost a full wall of books in my room and it makes me really happy to look up when I'm reading and see them. 

I generally arranged everything by genre, so all my contemporaries are on the far left shelf and then the rest is fantasy. 

So this is now one wall of my room, the doorway to my room is directly on the left and to the right of the shelves is my Harry Potter wall. Above my shelves are my Harry Potter lego sets, cause I'm basically still a child and still in love with Harry Potter (but I still need to put my Diagon Alley set up on the left side). I couldn't really take a full picture and include the bottom shelves because my bed is in the way, plus those shelves are really messy. 

I love decorating my shelves with Funkos, especially the Harry Potter line. And I now have so many that they don't all fit on my Harry Potter shelves. And I had to share photos of some of my latest additions, Newt and the Hogwarts Express Hermione. I'm extremely exciting for the Fantastic Beasts movie, and I couldn't help but get his Funko when I saw it. I love that Funko made the train sets, they are a little pricy but I had to get all three because they have the trio when they first meet, and I'm in love with Hermione and her books. 

Another thing that is decorating my new shelves are my Happy Hello Art bookmarks. They used to be scattered all over the shelves, but now they are nicely held in a mason jar. I may change how these are displayed though because it can be a little hard to find a specific bookmark if it's at the bottom of the jar. 
So those are my new bookshelves! I have a ton of space right now on them for more books but I'm resisting the urge to go out and buy more books. Hopefully these don't fill up as fast because now I really don't have space for more bookshelves in my room! - Jessica

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