Thursday, April 20, 2017


Why do puppies have to get big so fast? Fawkes has grown so much since I got him, he's now 7 months old and I can't deal with how fast he's growing. I wanted to take some pictures of him in bluebonnets because these photos of McCoy and Hazel are some of my favorites of them. But with how busy school has been, by the time I got around to taking him out, there wasn't a whole lot of good bluebonnet patches. Plus with how hot it has been getting, every time I tried to place him in front of some bluebonnets he would run to the shade. So here are the photos I managed to get of him...

His derp face gets me so much in the last one. I really need to start taking more photos of him and the other corgs and get back into sharing photos on the corgi blog. I've also been debating lately on setting up an Instagram account for posting photos of Fawkes only, but we will have to see if I can keep one up. - Jessica

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