Monday, April 17, 2017

Favorite Posts (Part I)

Everyone once and a while I like to browse through old posts, it's a great way to reminisce and sometimes cringe at some of my old photography. I've been in a bit of a blogging stump lately and I wanted to start a new series where I revist some of my favorite posts.

Cyanotypes - I really miss taking darkroom and developing my own photos and prints. One of my favorite classes that I shared on my blog was when we made cyanotypes. One day I'll make cyanotype prints again!

Thank You Harry - My Harry Potter wall is one of my favorite parts of my room and I loved writing about my experience with Harry Potter and a little bit about how it's impacted my life.

Instax Diaries #4 - Instant film is pretty much the only film I shoot now a days, because of how convenient it is. I love each time when I have taken enough instant shots to be able to share them. This post in particular features some of my all time favorite shots I ever taken on Instax film.

Bookshelves (Part 1 and Part 2) - Along with my Harry Potter wall, my bookshelves are another favorite part of my room. And I love looking through my blog and seeing the evolution of my shelves, to how I use to organize everything and especially the volume at which my collection has grown in a relatively short span of time (most of my collection is from the last two years). I'm also really proud that these are two of the most viewed posts on my blog.

December Unboxings - I have developed an obsession with subscription boxes lately and last December I received three (Owlcrate, the Wizarding World Loot Crate, and Litjoy Crate). I had so much opening these boxes and sharing some of the items in them. I also had so much fun taking these photos and editing them. I hope to do some more unboxing posts in the future.

- Jessica

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